Antinous-Casts from the Catalog of the Gipsformerei Berlin
No guarantee for the correctness of the copy from the catalog. The casts are in two versions, as unpainted plaster and - for raised price - painted with the original colours.

Genius with head of the Antinous, from Rome. Height 237 cm. Berlin, SMB Antikensammlung. Inv. Nr. SK 361. completion: nose, mouth, chin, right cheek around the eye, neck, parts of the robe, penis, right forearm with staff in the hand, left hand, biggest part of the serpent, under part of the cornucopia, trunk, feets and und basis. Cast with all completions. 4714.- €

Antinous. Height 86,5cm. Original: Berlin, SMB Antikensammlung, Inv. Nr. SK 362. Completion: Tip of the nose

Portrait of the Antinous. Height. 42,2 cm. Original: Berlin SMB Antikensammlung, Inv. Nr. Sk 363, R 57, 386.- €

Bust of the Antinous. Height 75 cm. Original Berlin, SMB Antikensammlung, Inv. Nr. SK 364. Completion: Nose, mooth, and chin with a part of the right cheek, many ends of the curls. 576.- €, 391 €

Head of the Antinous-Dionysos on not antique bust. Height 60 cm. Original: Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, Inv. Nr. GR. 100.1937. completion: Nose, parts of the lips and the chin, parts of the curls in front of the right and left ear, two grapes and some leafs of the wreath. 386,- €

Bust of the collosal statue of the Antinous-Dionysos. Height 133 cm. Original; Rome, Vaticanic Museums, Sala Rotunda Inv. Nr. 256. Completion: Bunch of leafs with basis, parts of the leafs and grapes of the wreath, parts of the ears with surrounding curls. 1900.- €, 1124.- €

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