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Seller of Casts of Antinoos-Sculptures
In order to meet questions asked by many of our visitors, we give hereunder a list of places where casts of Antinous portraits are available. Like the whole site, this list is evolving and bound to increase.

The Redmile Collection

Giust Gallery:
Number 139
: a copy of the Townley bust, in the British Museum
Goltz-Buchhandlung für Bildende Kunst and Glyptothek Munich: Nr. 31, a cast of the GL 400 (Munich) bust
Gipsformerei der Staatlichen Museen Berlin, not any homepage, but very rich offer of good quality. The link leads to our compilation of scanned images and related notices from the catalogue of the Gipsformerei.
Armando Basile, Via Montebuoni 67, 50029 Favarnuzze (Firenze), one Bust n° 32 (height 50 cm, width 44 cm), no photo, e-mail:
Roberet Sekulivich collection:
P.87, a copy of a gem made by the English engraver Nathaniel Marchant, after the Albani Relief. The original is untraced since the last auction were it appeared, in 1909.
museums:art. gifts from the museums of the world. (German Online shop with replics with certificates of workshops of the international museums). A bust of the Lansdowne Antinous from Cambridge and the Capitoline Antinous under the headings "Skulpturen"/"Italien und Rom"
Caperton Classic Art. Fosering Pride in the Heritage of all Families: At, "Black Antinous standing", alleged "Antinous standing after the Capitoline", in reality the Farnese Antinous. Copy of the Antinoos-Farnese