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Background, Sources and Copyrights
Amsterdam, Antalya, Aquileia, Astros, Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Cairo, Calvi, Cambridge, Chalkis, Chatsworth, Cherchel, Chicago
Copenhagen, Delphi, Dresden, Duisburg, Eleusis, Florence, Fulda, Gatchina, Hannover, Hever Castle, Izmir, Kansas City, Knole, London, Madrid, Malibu, Merida, Montauban, Munich
Naples, New York, Olympia, Padua, Paris, Petworth, Pisa, Port Sunlight, Pozzuoli, Rio de Janeiro
Rome, Sevilla, San Antonio, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Tarento, Tarragona, Toronto, Tripoli, Tunis, Turin
Vatican, Versailles, Vienna, Voronezh, Warsaw, Worcester, Private Collections
Minor Art, Balsamaria, Gems
Lost Portraits, Egyptomania
Copies of famous Antinous Sculptures
Links to other Antinous-pages in the Internet
Seller of Casts of Antinoos-Sculptures
Reconstruction of the "Hall with the Doric Pillars"in the Villa Hadriana.
(3d-Modell by W. Rueddenklau)
Remarks of our guests
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